GEO Targeted Marketing


Planning a multi-channel marketing approach through Social Ad content, PPC and Direct Mail is robustly effective when you put everything together.

Social Ad Content.


Having a good base social network for your business is one thing, but making them buy is another. Utilising a multi-channelled and integrated solution we can tailor social audiences for products and services.

PPC Search Engine

focused Conversion

By utilising a full range of analysis and insight tools we gain ground by tracking each and every movement from your PPC campaigns. We track and analyse visitors, track and analyse conversions and change up strategy.

Direct Mailing.

Quick pick up

Door-drops are only as effective as you make them and you have to stand out. 5 seconds is all you have through the letterbox and matching the right product or services to the right audience is key. This is where we come in.

Reporting & Insights

Knowledge gives you the edge

Every campaign we commence brings its own set of insights and we provide the indepth reporting your business and brand requires for analysis.

Audience re-marketing

repeat customers or the ones that got away

Re-marketing is one of our key metrics as for ecommerce, research shows 20% or more abandoned carts come back from re-marketing.

Build successful campaigns.

"Your ability to gain market traction is only as good as the thought process before execution".


This is where you go further than your original goals.

Your Gain is our gain.

We are only as good as our last client project.

Every client project is a challenge and brings with it certain pitfalls to creating measured increases in conversions. At Panamera Media we have learned to position our solutions effectively with your brand and business to create unrivalled success.